Wednesday, February 08, 2012

UNDP is now a sponsor of the Knowledge Sharing Toolkit!

KStoolkit Partners 

The United Nations Development Programme has recently joined the KSToolkit as a sponsor. The toolkit is alredy co-sponsored by CGIAR, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the KM4Dev Community and the United Nations Children's Fund. These organizations help manage, promote and provide support for creating and growing the Knowledge Sharing Toolkit (,  an excellent resource of knowledge sharing tools and methods.

It is a living wiki based site where a wide range of individuals from the sponsor oreganizations and others have written or pulled together materials about a wide range of knowledge sharing tools and techniques. It's open to all to participate, whether ity is just to consult the tooolkit as a resource, or whether you would like to add new material or improvbe what's already there.

What can you do with the toolkit?

1. Use the Toolkit and share it w/ colleagues - the simplest step. You don't even need to join the wiki to read it. Bookmark Tweet it out!

2. Improve an existing page - every page on the wiki is editable. All you have to do is join the wiki (upper right hand corner - you will have to wait for one of us to approve - we do this to keep out spammers), then go to the page you want to improve, click edit, and have a go! (See also )

3. Create a new page for a method or tool that is not yet in the Toolkit (see also ) - Go to either KSTools or KSMethods (the lists are in alphabetical order), click edit, write in the new message in the appropriate alpha order, click on the link creator in the editor window at the top, and choose wiki link. The system will create a new link. Then click save. After the page reloads, click on the new link you made. That will take you to a page that has to be created (by you!) Then on that page select the KSToolkit template and start editing! (yes, we built a template to make it easy)

4. Comment on any page... just click on the little "comment" balloon on the upper right of any page - you have to be logged in though!

This is a common resource - so it is as good as WE ALL make it!

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