Friday, November 05, 2010

Summary of outputs from AgKnowledge Africa - better late than never!

During the AgKnowledge Africa Share Fair few weeks ago, we had a big social reporting team who tweeted, photographed, blogged and interviewed participants. I was tasked with producing a summary report every day which I managed on the first 2 days but eventually ran out of time and didn't get the reports out for day 3 and 4!!

This week, my colleague Elena and I have been tagging everything (well, for the moment blogposts, videos and audio recordings) produced during the event on the Share Fair delicious account. As a result, we are now able to create summaries of all the outputs that came out each of the sessions! You can browse them all on the Share Fair Website.

A list of all known "products/outputs" by format type is now available here. A clear lesson learned for next time is to tag everything since the beginning! Did you cover any of the above sessions? Is anything missing or amiss in the above pages? Please send me an email or leave a message below!

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