Thursday, July 31, 2008

Second FAO-CGIAR Knowledge Sharing Workshop team

Nancy White (Full Circle Associates)

Nancy White works with organizations to strengthen collaboration and communication online and offline. She has a special interest in online facilitation, teams and communities of practice, and whole systems change. She is about to publish a book with Etienne Wenger and John Smith on stewarding technologies in support of communities and is learning graphic facilitation. Nancy is based in Seattle, Washington in the US.

Simone Staiger (CGIAR ICT-KM)

Simone Staiger-Rivas is leader of the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Project. She is a trained social communicator with 13 years’ experience in the coordination of electronic communications projects. Her interest lies in the enhancement of collaboration in institutional settings that contribute to organizational learning and change. Simone is based at CIAT, Colombia.

Gauri Salokhe (FAO)

Gauri Salokhe is information professional with 8 years’ experience in information management. She is working on Knowledge Management activities at FAO and has been promoting knowledge sharing through her many projects. Her interests lie in helping develop skills and ideas that encourage and enhance sharing. Gauri is based in Rome, Italy.

Pete Shelton (IFPRI)

Peter is an Information and Knowledge Management Specialist at IFPRI. He has a background in soil science, farmer training and environmental education. His responsibilities include managing institutional databases and websites and training research staff in using new information technologies to support their work. Pete is based in Washington, DC in the US.

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