Monday, May 17, 2010

KSGhana: Network mapping and understanding its benefits to your projects

This session's purpose was to introduce social network mapping as a tool to visualize networks and support discussion on how they can be strengthened and used in support of our activities. Using paper, pens and post-it notes, participants created an informal map and then discussed it with other workshop participants to see the diagram from another’s point of view. This exercise allowed participants to get a better understanding of their diverse relationships and KS paths, to visualize the linkages that are already strong and find those that need strengthening or building. The discussion with others helped identify missing players and links. The full exercise is available from workshop wiki.

Feedback on the exercise:
  • The exercise was useful as I wouldn't have taken time to do it. The analysis helps to increase efficiency in knowledge sharing.
  • The graph also showed how one person can be center of the map. It helped me to understand that I need to develop strategies to start two-way communication.
  • When should we expect everyone to do this? It can be used at the beginning of the project or over the course of the whole project depending on the activity. For example, for stakeholder analysis at the beginning or for creating communication plan in the beginning/during a project.
  • This could be a good activity to be carried out by the taskforce at the beginning of a project.
  • Project beneficiaries are often at the receiving end. This activity could be done with them to increase their input.
  • Looking at village level - including them from the beginning to increase their participation and trust.

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