Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One UN Intranet – example of intranet for One UN Pilot Team - Sharing lessons learned

One UN intranet table at the Knowledge Mela
Eddy McCall from UN Vietnam presented a Joomla-based One UN intranet tool for 650 staff from various UN organizations. I don’t want to go into the tool itself but just share the lessons learned that were presented by the moderator at the end of the discussion of his site:
  • the social initiative such as intranet or shared space has to be bottom up for it to get buy-in and uptake
  • the staff should be involved in design of the product from the beginning
  • lot of people want something like this at the country level but they find it difficult in terms of support from management and thus resources.
  • often decisions are made at the HQ/IT level – lot of push from top instead of first looking for working grassroots examples which can be scaled up.
  • leadership is critical - in both encouraging and ensuring participation from staff members
  • allocate resources to promote (through presentation and training) the tool
I found the site interesting but overall, I am not sure how many new systems we can give to our colleagues before they get overwhelmed...

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