Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AgKnowledge Africa: Call for Proposals is available

Like the 2009 edition in Rome, the upcoming AgKnowledge Africa Share Fair will be a ‘fair’ that brings together the diverse knowledge of the continent and the multiple innovative ways it is created, shared, communicated, and applied. We will be sharing the experiences of a wide range of people and organizations: Farmer organizations, extensionists, researchers, students, academia, policy shapers, information and communication specialists, private sector actors, international and regional organizations, and governments.

The heart of the fair is a series of thematic ‘learning pathways’ in a process of mapping, sharing and connecting people and activities. These pathways will showcase how African ‘talents’ are creating, sharing and using rural knowledge - at the grassroots, in research and policy, and through intermediaries. The pathways will focus on agriculture and climate change, land, livestock, and water.

Download the brochure [PDF].

Call for proposals can be downloaded here. Please submit your proposals by sending an email to: sharefairaddis @ The submissions closes on September 5, 2010.

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