Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KSGhana: Feedback on Peer Assist method

Yesterday, the last method we tried out was Peer Assist. We had two Assistees with very different problems. The first one was focused on how to ensure that staff members convey their travel plans to the clerical staff members in time while the second one was focused on identifying possible venues for acquiring funding.

The feedback on the method was:
  • The method was useful because even if I didn't relate directly to the problem, I learned new things from the answers given by others and as a result both sides benefit from the discussion.
  • It makes us bind together even if you don't have answer to the specific problem.
  • Generational gap - asking for help comes easily for younger generation
  • The asssistee was stressed at the beginning but as the answers/suggestions started to flow, the person relaxed
  • Empowers younger generation.
  • People have ideas that can assist you. They are also often willing to assist you - its just a matter of asking.
  • How to go about organizing it? The informal nature helps and organizing "beer assists" could be useful
  • New term for brainstorming. However, we are not in habit but should be cultivated.
  • Encouraging people you don't expect to contribute useful ideas
  • informal but time is money - is there value in using it?
  • There is need for humility in asking and helping. There is an element of joy and belonging to the same issue and contributing in way to support the problem.

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