Monday, August 24, 2009

Some fascinating statistics about world, environment and hunger

@LisaCespedes recently shared a site that provides world statistics in real-time.

Some of the worrying statistics, as of today, were:
  • Net population growth for today ~ 200 000
  • Species that have gone extinct this year ~ 90,000
Working for UNFAO, the most alarming stats are:
  • Undernourished people in the world right now ~ 1,017,200,793
  • Overweight people in the world right now ~ 1,139,944,314
  • Obese people in the world ~ 339,379,680
and finally..
  • People who died of hunger today ~ 25,000
And as an aside, the total # of e-mail messages sent today (~200,000,000,000) is not at all impressive!!!

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