Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is being extrovert going to get you a job?

This morning I came across an interesting article which talks about using personality tests to hire people who are naturally "extroverts", and therefore enjoy interacting and being around people, to ensure a "flourishing knowledge management culture" within an organization. How to assess if someone is extrovert? According to them, more attention could be given to personality during the recruitment and selection process by asking the applicants to do psychological tests that give preview of personality type. As they add, although this needs to be done by a qualified professional, ensuring "sound analysis", it surely is only one element of the recruitment process and does not guarantee anything.

I know that many companies make new applicants go through aptitude and personality tests during the recruitment process before being selected for a face-to-face interview. My question is: do you think these tests should be part of HR's recruitment process?

Out of curiosity, I looked up personality test and found this one. The result: “Your score on this Introvert/Extrovert test is 20, which means that you are more on the balancing point between Introvert and Extrovert tendencies.” Would I be hired?... ;-)

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