Friday, September 05, 2008

It has all been tagged with "aginfo8"!

If you have been following my blog last week, you will have read about all the exciting happenings from IAALD-AFITA-WCCA Conference. I have already posted, in various places, links to the different resources that were made available. Here is a summary of links provided by Peter Ballantyne:
As final reflection, I would like to congratulate the organizing committee for an excellent Conference. The three groups (IAALD, AFITA, WCCA) intermingled seamlessly contributing to different perspectives and great discussions. List of future events is available on a post I made earlier.


Edith Hesse said...

Hi Gauri,
I have been one of the 2000 that would have liked but couldn't attend the IAALD conference. But with all the information shared on different sites in diverse formats, one feels well informed and part of the IAALD community.

Congratulations, Edith

Edith Hesse said...

Hi Gauri,
Thanks a lot for posting all these links in your blog. They are very useful and very informative for anyone who would have liked to attend the IAALD conference, but couldn't. This way one not only keeps informed but also continues to feel part of the IAALD community.

Congratulations to you and all other IAALD colleauges, Edith

Gauri Salokhe said...

Hi Edith,

Thank you for stopping by! The new technologies make it extremely convenient to share information from events such as this one. Given the cost of travelling and our busy work schedules, it’s difficult to attend all the important and interesting events. I hope that more and more events will be documented and shared in similar manner.

Thanks once again,