Monday, August 25, 2008

Using Web2.0 "high street" for website design

Chris Addison talked about R4D (resaerch4Development): The DFID approach to Information Dissemination. He also talked about how the R4D portal as well as EUFORIC are using existing web 2.0 technologies to create a "mash-up". The R4D site provides, access to latest research news and activities, associated success stories and case studies, projects and programme information across all the sectors, publications, etc.

In conclusion, Chris said, that the following ideas to ensure sustainability of the work and the portal:
• Turn a website into a service (with web2 and a new communications strategy)
• Use the web2.0 high street
• Ensure your content is features on other sites and services
• Check use and be a user (subscribe yourself, check stats)
• Train and present (F2F for feedback)

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