Monday, August 25, 2008

The "Link Rot"!

Barbara Hutchinson from University of Arizona discussed the various initiatives currently underway in the US related to ag-information, namely, Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC), eXtension, United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN). However, the core of her presentation concentrated on managing born digital and reborn digital initiative currently underway within AgNIC in collaboration with University of Minnesota.

She highlighted the problem of "link rot". Link rot is "The gradual obsolescence of the links on a Web page as the sites they point to become unavailable."(Word Spy, August 08)

The idea of this "born digital" project is to provide persistent long-term access to agricultural information through long-term preservation of data. More specifically, the partners of the project "propose to collaboratively create policies, determine appropriate standards, and develop the technical infrastructure for a repository of born digital, and subsequently reborn digital, agricultural resources that may be readily scaled to involve other national and international partners (e.g. eXtension, FAO). " More information about the work on born-digital and reborn digital at:

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