Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And finally for today..

In true spirit of being an agricultural event, we were able to see traditional Japanese cheerleading with radish!
And, no, we did not throw them away. Some of us could actually take them home while others ate (not all, of course) theirs afterwards!


Sugunasri said...

Radish got its due recognition!

Is Radish used by tradition or just conceived for the occasion?

Gauri Salokhe said...

We were told that this tradition began in the late 1800s and is an extremely serious affair. The radish is probably eaten here on a daily basis as far as I could see. Many dishes are served with marinated radish or very finely grated radish pulp. The dance started long time ago and no one was really sure why it was Radish and not something else. We got couple of them actually but as we could not take them back home, we passed them on to the Japanese delegates. Apparently, they are blessed radishes with healing powers.

Thanks for dropping by, hope it gave you some feeling of being at the conference!