Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have decided to...

try my hand at blogging about my participation in an event. This sort-of-real-time attempt will report on the KM4DEV meeting currently taking place in Almada, Portugal. So here goes.. you were warned!

After a bumpy and wobbly ride from Rome, Sophie, Luca and I arrived in Lisbon this afternoon and headed off to our hostel/hotel. The driver could speak French so Sophie, who was well prepared with all the great advice from Josien, guided the driver in French to the hostel. Once Luca and Sophie were dropped off, I headed to my Hotel which is about 10Km from the Hotel at Costa de Caparica.

Once the luggage was dropped off, Sophie and I headed to Lisbon with the boat! The 15 min. ride is great to get a view of the coast and the bridge connecting Lisbon and Almada.


Given that we had about an hour and half at max to spend there, we took the one carriage tram up into Lapa area.


The city is beautiful and the cobblestones, especially when black and white are intertwined, just add to its charm.


We topped the day with a seafood dinner with about 30 of the participants at a restaurant in Almada. That's all for today, tomorrow we start bright and early at 9!

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