Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 3 @ KM4Dev.. Sustainability of KM Strategies

CIMG5010Catherine (from ILO) and I ran a session on ensuring sustainability of KM Strategies. Again, like the session of creating KM Strategies for large organizations, we had excellent participation and received great feedback. Some of the main points discussed were:
  • Incorporating KS in job descriptions as well as in performance evaluation.
  • Getting a buy-in from the senior management, it is also not possible to ensure sustainability.
  • Custodianship of the strategy is important for all departments in the organization.
  • A unit or dedicated team needs to be in place to "drive the process".
  • What are tasks of a KM "driver"/Managers?
  • Keep it very basic and simple to start with
  • Add KS in the jb description of people may help...
  • Create a "marketing campaign" for the KS initiatives.
The full report is available from the KM4Dev Wiki.

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