Thursday, September 13, 2007

You have been Scooped!

I just got an email from "" that I have been scooped on ""! Having never heard of either (Upscoop or Rapleaf), I had to actually go snooping around to these sites! Now, having seen what they are all about, I am wondering if this breaks people's privacy rights. Also, I am not sure that a website such as this one really gives me a clear picture of a person's reputation! Anyhow, it’s an interesting attempt to aggregate personal information and allow people to comment on other people!

The trick is that to use Upscoop or Rapleaf, you have to first give them your username and password for any of your e-mail accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail). I can just imagine what they do with these collected emails and all the affiliated information (birthdates, home and business address, telephone numbers).

Just in case you wonder, I didn’t share my contact book with either!

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