Thursday, July 26, 2007

"email controls us"

and how very true!

The recent article on the Independent about the end of e-mail is excellent.. and hits home! I think all of us will agree that emails are now controlling us! I was recently asked if I wanted a blackberry and my first instinct was to say "Yes!". I could check my emails all the time! But then... I became scared of the effect it will have on me. I already am in front of my Outlook all the time, imagine if I could walk around with it, eat dinner with it.. aaaaah!!!

We have tried to use Wiki's at work which I have renamed, honestly, as The Devil. It may work in some situations but not all. We have had mixed experience with it.

Reading through the article, I came upon the seven rules of emailing to which I would like to add:

* Don't CC anyone who does not need to be on the list. Which also means, before you hit the "Reply all" button, take those out who could be spared.. :)

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