Tuesday, December 01, 2009

So, what are your key messages?

Today and tomorrow, I am taking a course on "influencing your audience". One of the illustrations the instructor made, which I found very interesting, related to how much effort we put into a presentation compared what is retained at the end by the audience. Here is an illustration of what he said was the "usual" trend.

100 % is what we put into a presentation planning
80 % is what we actually manage to put forward or deliver
60 % is what the audience may actually pick
40 % is what they might understand (influenced by language, topic, etc.)
20 % is what they actually find interesting

and finally

5% is what they will take with them (and I might add, if you are lucky!)

So, try to focus on your key messages and what you would like them to take away in those 5%!!

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