Monday, November 16, 2009

Social reporting during the upcoming World Summit on Food Security

During the upcoming World Summit on Food Security, a group of around fifteen volunteers at FAO will be doing "social reporting".

What is Social reporting?
Social reporting is aimed at people organising a face-to-face event and who want to use new social media for both capturing moments of the event and for stimulating different types of conversation. Events provide good opportunities for social reporting before, during, and after the day. They push you to think about reaching people "in the room" and those people who could not make it. - From the Social Reporting Toolbox

During the recent KM4Dev, Social reporting was one way we used to capture and share the outcomes from the Agriculture Huddle. During the same event, Josien Kampa, gave a short presentation about various aspects of social reporting which I am sharing here.

During the upcoming summit, we will be using the following tools for sharing information with those who can't be physically at the Summit.
All these sites will be linked to from the Summit homepage:

Watch out for all the news coming out and for the summit tag #wsfs09!

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