Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Knowledge Sharing Toolkit - - a great KM resource

The CGIAR/FAO/KM4Dev Knowledge Sharing Toolkit brings together knowledge sharing tools (such as blogs, micro-blogs, social network analysis tools) and methods (such as peer assist, world café, open space technology) in one place.

It was first started by CGIAR ICT-KM Program, in collaboration with Nancy White, and is a growing resource which is improved by over 100 different editors since. FAO and KM4Dev have also now joined in as official partners. Although the focus of the Wiki is on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food safety and sustainable development, its content is extendable to other areas.

In the context of this Wiki, tools are classified as web-based software or offline physical tools that can be used to enhance collaboration and sharing; methods are group processes that people can use to interact with each other, both online or offline. For each tool/method, there is information about what it is, how to use/apply it, what have been lessons learned and, most importantly, who can tell you more about these methods. See:
When considering a tool or method, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a tool/method as well as the context for which you are selecting it. The beauty of the KS Toolkit is that it provides a view of the tools based on the functions/tasks they serve. See:
Instead of creating similar resources for your own organization or teams, you can become part of this growing initiative. Additionally, if you feel that you can contribute to one or more topics, just request login and password (which gives you editing rights) and start contributing! Last but not least, remember to use it, link to it and share it!

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