Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Useful links from the Web2forDev Conference!

I have been attending the e-agriculture week at FAO this week. We have been busy with AOS workshop which was followed by the Expert Consultation (IISAST). Starting today, I will be attending the Web2forDev Conference. To make sure I am going to be able to remember all the interesting sites and tools, I am going to use the blog as a notepad!!! Here goes:

  • euforic: is a collaborative space where information is pulled in from different Web2.0 sites (delicious, pbwiki, etc.). This idea could be applied to the AOS community to make it more interactive. [Chris Addison]
  • Kimetrica: understand the users who do not care about the technology but just want access to information. What they do not understand, they do not want. To them, blogs don't sound serious. Challenge in the developing world (Kenya, Mali, Botswana) has been lack of culture to share, limited local community map-reading skills, knowledge flow from web to local communties is limited, quality control for information aadded byuseres includes spatial accuracy of community knowledge, IPR and of course internet bandwidth, conncectivity and costs. [Pauline Maingi]
  • EGFAR: I am wondering how we can leverage on this website especially for the benefit of the IISAST community. [Valeria Pesce]

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